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Folger Education welcomes you to Folger Teaching.

Folger Education

Who Is Folger Education?

Here is also where you’ll discover, or rediscover, Folger Education, your biggest fan and the team behind Folger Teaching. We are the part of the Folger that works most directly with teachers, students, and families on this irresistible thing called learning–what a dream!

Let us show you how to use the Folger Method, a radical engine for equity, to help any student understand and talk back to any text. Let us share with you wildly effective teaching strategies and insights that teachers consistently call “transformative.”

For four decades–beginning in a DC public school English class and taking shape with brilliant teachers in the Folger community–we have helped all kinds of students and teachers unleash the power of language and the power of their own minds. Today we are honored to build the next generation of readers, writers, thinkers, and doers with you.

What Is Folger Teaching?

Folger Teaching is where teachers from across the country and around the world connect directly with the best of the Folger Shakespeare Library, a leading center for the arts and humanities and home to the world’s largest Shakespeare collection.

If you are a Teacher Member of the Folger, this is your online home, the place where you’ll find the latest resources to get your students grappling with literature and deepen your own relationship with the content that inspired you to want to teach it.

Why Folger, Why Now?

Every single student deserves to grapple with the real thing–whether it’s a primary source from the 16th century, the original language of a complex text, or a critical conversation about race in literature and our world today.

Are you looking for lessons that really work with every student and every text? Do you want your students to be agents of their own learning? Do you want to take your own teaching practice to the next level? The Folger gives teachers tools for getting all students reading more actively and deeply than ever before. Let us support the all-important work you do and connect you with like-minded teachers and leading experts. Let us show you how to get out of the way as the teacher and create a zone of mutual discovery so that every single student has the knowledge and confidence to talk back to texts.

Folger Teaching is all about the sparks that fly when great learning happens. We are honored to be your partners and champions in this work.

Folger Shakespeare Library

Folger Shakespeare Library is the world’s largest Shakespeare collection, the ultimate resource for exploring Shakespeare and his world. Opened in 1932 by Henry Clay Folger and his wife Emily Jordan Folger as a gift to the American people, the Folger welcomes millions of visitors online and in person. We provide unparalleled access to a huge array of resources, from original sources to modern interpretations. With the Folger, you can experience the power of performance, the wonder of exhibitions, and the excitement of pathbreaking research. We offer the opportunity to see and even work with early modern sources, driving discovery and transforming education for students of all ages.

Shakespeare belongs to you. His world is vast. Come explore. Join us online, on the road, or in Washington, DC.

Learn more about our mission and our history.